• R'N'R was fantastic, I feel like a new woman!
  • Move over Botox! I love the Athena product, it' taken years off me. Seven minute wonder AMAZING!
  • Speechless… Absolutely amazing, thank you so much.
  • Excellent – wish I could wrap you up and take you home with me. Made my holiday even better!
  • Pure Bliss, a regular at massage and facials and this was the best!
  • Best massage I’ve had.
  • Thanks heaps for an awesome massage! It certainly made me feel great!
  • Your rooms are gorgeous! Its great to have two specialists set up here! Michelle - loving your talents.
  • Awesome massage, décor is professional and stylish most impressed.
  • Lovely premises, lovely people, lovely massage! Healthy body, healthy mind, body sure is healthy thanks to the girls and now the mind is firing on all cylinders. Michelle and Claire are miracle workers!
  • Thanks girls a wonderful place, relaxing décor and wonderful company.
  • Very good massage, many thanks, I really needed that!
  • I feel so relaxed. I will be telling others what a great thing you have going here.
  • Bliss!
  • Thank you for making my wedding week so special, Michelle you are a star! I’m addicted!
  • Thank you thank you thank you!
  • The Balinese body palming was an amazing treat, I feel a million times better.
  • Claire and Michelle, you are the best and now I’m addicted to your massages.
  • That was magnificent!
  • What a delicious treatment, thank you very much.
  • Thank you wonderful Claire, once again im floatin…
  • Absolutely beautiful!
  • The Body Firm Is such a relaxing place, the smells, the colours, the massages and the quiet nature of Michelle and Claire! I enjoy all my treatments here.
  • Worth the 3o hour flight to get here… might apply for residency!
  • What a lovely way to end a holiday, the treatments were wonderful. Its almost worth flying back for!
  • Absolutely superb massage ever!

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